Tim & Tigon

Cope, Tim

Tim and Tigon
xv, 335 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates
colour illustrations, maps
On cover: An epic adventure through the land of the nomads
Summary: Adventurer Tim Cope had a childhood dream: to travel the 10,000 kilometres from Mongolia to Hungary on horseback -- a journey undertaken centuries ago by the legendary leader of the Mongols, Genghis Khan. On this journey, Tim met a dog called Tigon. For more than three years, Tim and Tigon endured searing heat and bitter cold; dark lonely nights when wolves circled their camp; hunger; despair; joy; and the wild beauty of the landscape that changed constantly around them. They met the people of the steppe, who welcomed Tim and Tigon into their homes, and shared their traditions and histories. This is the story of a unique journey -- a journey filled with the spirit of the pioneering explorers of old. It is the story of an extraordinary friendship. (Back cover)
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